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I crafted numerous beautiful web apps, portals, dashboards, reports, knowledge-bases, e-commerce sites, forms, help-desks, and more for demanding clients, like Box, P&G, and Disney.


UX Product Design is all about reverse-engineering the experience from the users’ point of view and then crafting a meaningful solution.

Financial Intelligence
The international financial institution, Credit Suisse, was in need of an updated toolkit for financial sales management and modeling. We proposed a financial intelligence suite with CRM and data visualization as its core features. Users mentioned that their previous tool had low adoption, so we built a portal-like experience, with seamless information about relevant insights about their career, such as trends and research.
Government Applications
The state government of Michigan requested a redesign of their existing foster parent application process. The statement of work included ID verification, form completion, and a branded landing page. We went above and beyond and rebranded their site, using a cheaper existing flow-based CMS to design the application and ID verification process. The theme was "a joyous responsibility" to stress the big, but exciting decision to become a foster parent.
Proctor and Gamble asked a team that I led to combine three different tools into one hub-like tool, with the core features: e-learning, knowledge base, and supplier procurement. I led the team helping their employees iterate and co-create the experience. I custom designed the branding and components to fit their style guide and I helped implement the web app experience.
CRM Tools
A team at Accenture helped Disney build an enterprise CRM tool called SalesHub. This team reached out to me to conduct a several weeks long usability study to enhance the experience and interface of the tool. I interviewed users to identify pain points, defined users goals, and I presented a viable solution to redesign the SalesHub. Users were comfortable with using Excel for its speed and convenience, so I designed a quicker more nimble editing process to catalyze user adoption.

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